Wednesday, October 17, 2012

today the staff and students of children's media project covered the story of the expansion of the duchess county jail. i Q was the anchor for said event. we talked to a woman name Pam and a young man named Ian about the what they are fighting for and what their views on the subject of the matter were. they had made very excellent rebuttals. the attendants of the protest were very few but their cause was strong. i personally feel that this creation of solitary "pods"is outrageous and a waste of tax payers money.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today at media magic(although I confess to being late today) was another day of filming awkward guy which is a very interesting film in my amateur opinion. The thing that makes this one film stand out from the rest is that we are actually aiming for the awkward situation  and the funny moment. The guys in this scene are all studying for something and one of the friends call someone who couldn't make it to the study group that day and he begins to bad mouth some whom in which case are within earshot of the cell phone. This scene is pivotal in setting the tone of the story for the main character.

Awkward Guy Blog

Lately we have been working on a video about an awkward man and he freaks people out just by doing something dumb. I play the awkward guy, which gives me the liberty to do some weird stuff. Alex plays someone that wants to break the weird silence by saying "Well this is awkward," but some homeless guy beats him to the punch. So he try again and he never gets to say the line. Eventually once every one has age, he finally gets to say the line but its too late.
The past few weeks we've been brainstorming, writing, and filming. One of the ideas we came up with and decided to shoot, is "Awkward Man".  The main idea of the piece was a person that continually encounters increasingly awkward situations. During the first scene, he notices that if he says "that was awkward" he can make people laugh. We shot one scene already, and counting on getting another one done today.

Until next time,

Hi my name is Q. i a a dancer for a social network called my stage name is X.L.R.8. My past week in media magic has been a fun time. i was a part of the original children's media project and i have returned to further my knowledge of the media arts. i have written a screen play on awkward moments. this screen play consists of certain characters creating an awkward moment and the main character trying to say this quote " well this is awkward". we later then made rant videos about  movies that we thought needed to be ranted about. we the students learned how to adjust the focus, control the iris, set up the white balance, and adjust the shutter speed.    

Quoiell  aka X.L.R.8.

Days and more

Well these passed weeks i worked on a video with my team. Im the camera man, so this time I'm not in the video. I like working  hard learning how use tech we have. Most of the time do the behind the scenes. Putting the stuff we have together to make the video better then it already was. I plan on being in the video in the end but they do not know yet. I have to use the best trick have. I can't tell yet, stay around.