Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today, two groups created experimental videos. with one requirement- it must be outside. with that information, the groups brainstormed ideas. My group's video was about a man who falls out of a tree, hallucinates, becomes normal, and walks away. From my view it was good, but we could've worked more on the way the scene looked on screen. because in reality, it looked really good. but when we saw it on the projector it didn't fully tell the what the story was about. Alltogether, it was a good start to the week.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today everybody recorded a mini video about 30 seconds long. when we got back inside we went over the videos to see what wedid wrong and how to fix It. I was the photographer during this video taking pictures of the progress they have done. The video was about a leaf falling to the ground and smacking somebody in the face. The other video was about a box doing different scenes with the students.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Media Magic Camera Heads

         Today at Medic Magic we started discussing how to use cameras and tripods. Before the camera lessons we played a game of celebrity heads. A game involving a sticky note or something of someone stuck to your head and you have to ask questions to figure out who or what you are headMike and Ryan discussed using camera and the potential problems that a little mistake such as an unbalanced tripod. Today was an over all fun day and I cannot wait to come back tomorrow.

-Al Edwards

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

today the staff and students of children's media project covered the story of the expansion of the duchess county jail. i Q was the anchor for said event. we talked to a woman name Pam and a young man named Ian about the what they are fighting for and what their views on the subject of the matter were. they had made very excellent rebuttals. the attendants of the protest were very few but their cause was strong. i personally feel that this creation of solitary "pods"is outrageous and a waste of tax payers money.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today at media magic(although I confess to being late today) was another day of filming awkward guy which is a very interesting film in my amateur opinion. The thing that makes this one film stand out from the rest is that we are actually aiming for the awkward situation  and the funny moment. The guys in this scene are all studying for something and one of the friends call someone who couldn't make it to the study group that day and he begins to bad mouth some whom in which case are within earshot of the cell phone. This scene is pivotal in setting the tone of the story for the main character.

Awkward Guy Blog

Lately we have been working on a video about an awkward man and he freaks people out just by doing something dumb. I play the awkward guy, which gives me the liberty to do some weird stuff. Alex plays someone that wants to break the weird silence by saying "Well this is awkward," but some homeless guy beats him to the punch. So he try again and he never gets to say the line. Eventually once every one has age, he finally gets to say the line but its too late.
The past few weeks we've been brainstorming, writing, and filming. One of the ideas we came up with and decided to shoot, is "Awkward Man".  The main idea of the piece was a person that continually encounters increasingly awkward situations. During the first scene, he notices that if he says "that was awkward" he can make people laugh. We shot one scene already, and counting on getting another one done today.

Until next time,

Hi my name is Q. i a a dancer for a social network called 3rdrockvip.com my stage name is X.L.R.8. My past week in media magic has been a fun time. i was a part of the original children's media project and i have returned to further my knowledge of the media arts. i have written a screen play on awkward moments. this screen play consists of certain characters creating an awkward moment and the main character trying to say this quote " well this is awkward". we later then made rant videos about  movies that we thought needed to be ranted about. we the students learned how to adjust the focus, control the iris, set up the white balance, and adjust the shutter speed.    

Quoiell  aka X.L.R.8.

Days and more

Well these passed weeks i worked on a video with my team. Im the camera man, so this time I'm not in the video. I like working  hard learning how use tech we have. Most of the time do the behind the scenes. Putting the stuff we have together to make the video better then it already was. I plan on being in the video in the end but they do not know yet. I have to use the best trick have. I can't tell yet, stay around.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

                Last year I was apart of TURN IT UP. It was my first time dealing with radio, and I had no idea what I was doing. I only knew how to use the internet and Microsoft Word for when I had to write papers. I had no idea what a zoom was or how to work it. I wasn't confident about what I was doing, I was sort of shy, and I did not think my opinion mattered. My first time on the radio I was a a little nervous and didn't want to talk, but then I soon realized that I can be anyone on the radio and if no one cared about what I think I wouldn't be here right now. So I put my fear behind me, started talking a little more and enjoyed my time there.
              This summer I work at Children's Media Project as a part of Team Motion. Even though I do not go on the radio as much I get to have an opportunity to help teach younger kids in the Night Writers program. I really like doing that because I get to help them with making there pieces and I get to see what other kids around my age are thinking.
               These past summers I have learned a lot, not only about media but about life. I learned how to use garageband, write blog posts, how to promote businesses and ideas using social media networks. I learned how to speak up for my self, to think with an open mind, and that if you work hard you can achieve a lot. Im glad that I got the opportunity to work with the different types of media because it is a learning experience that other youth my age don't get to have.

Monday, August 6, 2012

           Hey its Elissa, today Team Motion spent some of our afternoon with the DROP TV students. We did something a little different today, we went ice skating! While this was new to some students, skating came natural to others. Almost every one fell but, we had a good time together. The important part was that everyone tried and and had fun with it. Going ice skating was not only exciting, but a good learning experience. We helped, motivated, and laughed at each other the whole time. Im glad i got to share this experience with my friends at DROP TV.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Afternoon with Turn it Up !!

Hey its Elissa, and usually I do not work on Fridays but today I'm here with Turn It Up! They are working hard to create great pieces In two hours under two minutes. Some of the pieces are about fear, high school, comparing sports and reflections on growth over the summer. They are not done yet but I can tell that they are going to sound amazing!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Being Part of Team Motion

 Hi, Its Kai from Team Motion. Being part of Team Motion comes with a lot of responsibility. The task of raising money and gaining sponsors is much easier said then done. One of the main things that we do here is document what goes on at Children's Media Project. To explain to potential sponsors what we do here becomes repetitive but it makes it an easier task when you have pictures and videos of the youth in action. We all worked together to create a sponsorship kit in which describes what CMP is, all the programs we have here, what we are asking for, and what the company would receive if they did donate. We  go upon asking for donations in multiple ways. Team Motion splits into two and some go out and ask companies in person while others call the companies and email some if it is necessary. Rejection is a part of the job. It isn't something that you get use to really quick but none the less it becomes normal and is easier to accept. In my personal opinion asking for donations in person is much more fun and is easier. Some prefer calling but I like being able to see how people are reacting to my proposal.  Team Motion is a lot of behind the scenes work that is not often acknowledged but none the less we do stuff this are absolute necessities for this non-profit organization. This program is as if you are part of the marketing department at a business and its GREAT!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

         Hey guys it's Elissa! I am apart of Team Motion and yesterday I spent my day with the DROP TV students. They were reviewing their new film about a crime fighting cowboy. The movie is coming out amazing, its funny, entertaining, and very original. The DROP TV students have come along way sense the beginning of the program. Keep up the good work guys!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Creative Opportunity or Basic Job?

      My name is Kai. I am a member of Team Motion at Children's Media Project. This morning we had a discussion on whether SYEP funding should pay youth employees at jobs such as Wal-Mart and Stop & Shop or if the funding should be for creative jobs that offer a learning experience such as DROP TV and Turn It Up! Radio. The members of Team Motion are in agreement that SYEP funding should be spent on creative jobs. Alex, a member of Team Motion, states that "it is important for youth to explore their creativeness while learning on the job rather than juist give them a practical job where they may only learn a limited skill set". If youth are only exposed to jobs like cashiers at grocery stores they will 
lack the skills or experience needed for a career which is the overall goal for people. Children's Media Project offers outlets for kids to express their creative ideas and try different things. Granted not all people want to be infront of a camera, but CMP has other positions. Working here gives kids a chance to be on a radio show, write scripts, act, take pictures, practice editing, and more then anything express themselves in a fun way.  If SYEP strictly funds programs and companies like this much more youth would get the opportunity to experience this and gain skills that aren't often gained as a teen.  Another member of Team Motion, Elissa, says "My mom always told me that when I started looking for a job to remember my first and primary occupation is a student." With CMP learning and working is always combined. 

      It is very unorthodox to work for a company and not get paid by them. CMP is a company thats works off of funds and provides for the youth of the community as much as they can with what is provided. If the company is providing an outlet for youth, giving them something constructive to do in their free time while teaching them and paying then why would SYEP funding go to Wal-Mart employees rather then this? I think that it's fine to find teenagers these jobs if they are looking for them but let Wal-Mart pay them and save the SYEP money for programs like CMP that educate students and help them gain skills in media and the arts. 
Not only does CMP provide skills and an outlet for students to learn, but it also helps them gain a potential career. Many students here want a job in film making, photography, animation or something in those areas and CMP is helping them expand on that. Also CMP is providing the foundations of a job. And not only do jobs look good on a resume but they also help you gain independence and responsibility.

So funding of any kind to SYEP in my opinion should be used for programs that can pay students to learn, create and express themselves. There is nothing better than doing a job that you love and that you can have fun with, because then it doesn't feel like work. And the best kind of work, is the one that doesn't feel like work.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey guys it's Jake, this is the Night Writers Radio Lab! Today we started out with the Barney game, followed by recording a round table about what we want to be when we grow up, we recorded two separate round tables about history and ended off with editing each individual statement by each person. Also, astronauts would obviously beat cavemen in a fight due to their air-tight suits and oxygen supply. Therefore, they could hide in water and surprise attack cavemen who were confused as to where the astronauts had gone. 

Elissa editing her "grow-up idea" piece

Elizabeth and Madeline editing with garage band

Monday, July 16, 2012

Team Motion Day 2!

Team Motion & DropTV Day 2!


Hay guys! It's Martha! Second day of Team Motion and DropTV! Overall it's been a very relaxing day. Lots of promoting has been going on and well, what can I say, Team Motion is working hand in hand with getting DropTV's shenanigans out there. Haha. So far it's been a really good day, and Ryan and Mike have been teaching DropTV about story structure and script writing! We've been practicing our promotional skills and our video recording skills in Team Motion, so we've been paying lots of attention to detail. Even though it's scorching hot outside! But we got through it and we're hoping to have some more fun this summer with DropTV. 
<3 Martha


Monday, July 9, 2012

Hi! I am Kai, a member of Team Motion. Team Motion is a group of four youth who help promote CMP and its youth media programs. Drop TV is a youth produced television show. The Drop TV team and Team Motion participated in a game called celebrity heads. We all participated in team building exercises, including celebrity heads, a trust walk, a balloon experiment, and improvisation exercises.

The first day was exciting and eye opening to the different programs that CMP offers for youth. Whether it is acting, speaking or promoting CMP has a program that may interests you.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

See You Later, Alligator! ^_^

Hey guys! It's Martha here blogging directly from the last day of this session of Media Magic! :[ It's actually really upsetting that it's ending so quickly. During this I was very greatly introduced into the Apple world. Not only that but I met some AMAZING people while here. It's great knowing there are actual humans out there that enjoy making movies and coming up with the ideas for them just as much as I do.

Ryan and Mary Ellen were the most AMAZING teachers EVER! I met two people that I feel I've known forever and have so much in common with! They're my heroes.

All of the other people here that helped us get all of these things done are amazing as well. They tolerated us just as much as we tolerated each other.

But most importantly my fellow Media Magic-ers. I've worked with them during this session and even though I already know some of them, I feel like they're all family now.

Media Magic helped me electronically grow.

And I hope to be a part of it in the future <3

Love, Martha <3 ;3
Last day Blog today we wrapped up are Narrative videos  and started editing them. Im sad the program is over but glad of all the hard work we put in to videos and media magic this year.                                            by Jack

The Zombie days os Felipe

Today, me, Nick, Dondre, Nyiesha, Cory, and Faith all went out to film our big zombie flick it was very exhausting yet very invigorating. I played the star of the film, Timothy Locke, who is an internee at a film making company and he had to bring a zombie head to a science lab to get examined but it bites him. You will see what will happen once you view it on youtube the channel is cmp1000.
On the last day of Media Magic at CMP my group and I worked on editing our narrative video. I enjoyed the editing process and wish to continue doing editing in the future. Im a little upset that CMP is ending but it will be ok.+  

The Last Day

Unfortunately today's the last day of Children's Media Project. It was very fun for the second part of cmp. I hope the little movies we made during the time we were here turns out great. It's been fun, see ya. DonDre Sanders

Its like magic

its amazing that we've made it this far and we've made it to the end of our road. During our little adventure we have laughed, we have cried, we have battle scars, and grew closer together. I had a lot of fun and we learned a lot sadly Media Magic has to come to an end, I hoped you all enjoyed the trip with us. There's only one thing that can explain our hard work and labor, it was like magic!!!!!!

So long! Farwell! To you, my friend...

Sadly, today is our last day of Session 2 of Media Magic. In comparasion of the two, I enjoyed this one more because of how many creative minds joined together for amazing short pieces. I wish we had more time to hang for film, but all good things come to an end. Til next time, fellow viewers! 

It's My Last Day (sad face)

Today is my last day of CMP. IT'S SO SAD. I learned how to use the Flip Cam and the boom voice recorder. Another sad thing: I didn't learn how to edit. I had so much FUN though acting and making really great media(or in my case tried to, lol.) All in all it was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to do it again. There are not enough cool beans to say how cool this program is. I'm so thankful that I could do this. Bye for now....

Smiles, Corey

Why so soon

Well It came to a end once again, Time passed, i wished it was the begging again
Shaquille Scott
Signing out

The final gauntlet

Hey people todays the last day for media magic, and we've had a great run and made some great films I'll be one of the first to thank you for watching us and supporting us thank you you've been great im out.
Ah, what to say about Children's Media Project... It was an awesome experience. The people here are amazing, the projects are awesome, and its just a good time for everyone. Unfortunately he program is on its last day. I am trying to come back for the editing classes in two weeks. I have no doubt it will be just as fun :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today we put our finish touches on our project.  Nick got hit by a parked car trying to film our video. It was so funny i had so much fun

                                      this is our zombie protest :2,4,6,8, we will not segragate

My group's movie is about zombies and humans who live together, and Timothy Locke gets bit by a zombie, and he has to get to a scientist before  he turns into a deformed zombie, but in the end people throw a protest against segregation between zombies and humans.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The great day 8 filming aww yeaaa

Today we began filming our narrration films and so far so good and were doing great under some pressure to do them this week.

One group is doing a piece on zombies while the other one who has yours truly is helping create a film about the female mind.
  I like both ideas and they seem to both have big time things going on and I can't wait to see how each of them play out. here are some pictures from our day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Script writing at CMP

So today at CMP, our whole group was split up into two groups: The Mind of a Girl vs. Zombies and Humans. The mission: A script from an idea. We worked with our grand adult leaders to combine our blooming ideas into a well organized story structure/script. It was a lot of fun to layer our ideas into a piece of work. I think both of these works will rock your socks. I'm looking forward to acting and learning more about what technology we use.

Signing off with Smiles,
Corey :)

New Day, New Scripts!

Chauls here! Today at Media Magic, we continued to work on our scripts for the narration films! So far, the two groups have stories about a zombie's life and the workings of a teenage girl's mind. That's all I'm going to say for now! You'll see more about it when we air it in the following weeks.

The main goals for the scripts were to have amazing story structure, build up brilliant dialogue, and superb character development. With a flip camera in hand and a Mac on task, we all had tons of resources to create these two films-to-be.

One last thought: would anyone know when the narwal bacons?

See you guys next time for Media Magic Blogs!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I watch a lot of tv. I like to watch the Disney channel. My favorite shows are Shake It Up Chicago, Avatar, and Lost Girl.  My favorite movies are High school Muscial, CSI, The Gates, and Vampire Diaries.

I do go on the internet everyday. I mostly use it for my facebook to chat with friends.

When doing group work, I don't like sharing ideas because I am kinda shy, but I like to support other peoples ideas if I like the ideas.

If my close friend and I had a disagreement, first I would be quiet and think about what just happened to see what went wrong. If I was at fault I would kindly apologize but if not I would make her see reasons that she was wrong.

If I was asked to do something that I didn't know how to do I would first try to figure out how to do it myself but if I can't do it I would just leave it alone and ask for help.

So you want to know a little bit about me, huh? Well first, I love to watch television. My favorite shows would be The Office, The Community, The Finder, New Girl, Always Sunny, Deadliest Warrior, Doctor Who, and Spongebob. Yes, a lot of television. When it comes to movies, I would say my all time favorite movie would be The NoteBook because it was just such a sweet love story.

 My time on the web consists of me looking up random facts and "tidbits", Looking at funny pictures, and editing stories that I write.

If I were to be working in a group, there are a few roles that I interact with. I am a BIG creative idea person. I work my best when I am asked to "Think outside of the box" or come up with something new. I also work well when it comes to organization and planning. Things just flow easier when you have everything written down on paper. Usually when I am in a group I will be nominated to lead or choose to spearhead the project myself. I work pretty well under pressure.

Ah, when it comes to friends, I have a few good ones. If a close friend and I were to disagree on something we wouldn't stop talking, hate each other, or even try to see the other persons side. We would argue our point out in shouts until we are blue in the face! After about maybe 12 hours we might decide to call it a tie, and then we would just laugh about the ridiculous points we tried to make. I have stubborn friends.

What would I do if i was asked something and didn't know how to do it? Honestly? If I was asked to do something I wasn't sure how to do, I would do it anyway. Unless it was like a cataclysmic, life or death decision, I would pretend to know what i'm doing and push forward with the same conviction I would have if I was an expert at the task.

So now you know a little bit about me. Hope you enjoyed the information :)

How much T.V. do I watch. What are my favorite shows and movies?
Im not exactly sure how much T.V. I've been watching but it hasn't been a lot of T.V. I would say my favorite T.V. shows that i watch are Family Guy, Bleach, Adventure Time, and a few more I can't think of right now. The movies that I like are movies that are suspenseful and horror movies.  

How often do I go on the internet, and what do I use it for?
I go on the internet just about every day. I usually play games or go on YouTube and look at videos but lately I've been using it to look up information to learn more about the world.

When doing group work, which of these roles do I gravitate towards and why?
-Team leader, Has good ideas, shyly shares them, Has good ideas never share them, Hangs back and let other people do the work, Makes people laugh with shenanigans.
The role that i gravitate to the most is  has good ideas, shyly shares them. I gravitate towards that the most because I don't like my ideas being criticized so much.

Say a close friend and I got into an disagreement. How would I respond?
I'd most likely just start off in a calm voice and try to explain my side of the disagreement.

Say I'm asked to do something that I dont know how to do. How do I respond?
I always try and ask someone for help but if no one can help me I look up on how to do what I'm trying to do.    
Q: How much TV do you watch? WHat are your Favorite shows and movies.

A: I don't really watch TV alot anymore because there is nothing really on it. My Favorite TV shows are, Game of Thrones, Being Human, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Family Guy, varity of anime shows, and Burn Notice. I don't really have a favorite movie because I like alot of movies and I can't narrow it down.

Q: How often do you go on the internet, and what do you use it for? 

A: I go on the internet alot! I use it to play video games, to blog, do research, chat with friends online the list goes on and on.

Q: WHen doing group work, what role do you gravitate towards and why?

A: I see myself as a leader, because it's something that come natural to me. I'm very out spoken and I have great ideas and are willing to share it with others, as well as let others express their ideas.

Q: Say you and a close frined had a disagreement. How do you respond to it?

A: If I'm having a disagreement I try to resolve the conflict before it gets out of hand. I won't let a disagreement effect my friend ship. Just walk away.

Q: Say you're asked to do something you don't know to do. How do you respond?

A: If some one tells me to do something I don't know how to do I do my best to do it at the best of my abilities. I ask for that person to explain what it is that they want me to do and do it. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 7: Projecting the Message :)

So today we were we given a task to pick a message from a hat and try to translate it into a PSA video. The messages varied from " Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew" to "It's Easier to Catch Bee's With Honey Than With Vinegar."

After spending an hour planning, filming, and editing, we presented them to everyone and critiqued everyones performance. It was very informational and entertaining. 

Today was an all around great day. I got to learn a bit about editing videos and made some new friends as well. I can't wait for tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 6: We play the Stacking Game!

                                  Intense concentration! Can we do this?

                                      Racing for the clock to beat the other team with the higher stacked objects!

                           The team is debating whether or not they should add another object! Should they?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First day for DonDre

My first day here at the second session of Media Magic was pretty great. We're now script writing for our five minute movies. We learned about story structure. One element of story structure is the Stasis. The stasis is the everyday life of your story. It happens at the beginning of the story and it shows what is normal for the movie or story setting.
Before we started making our story structure ideas we had to brainstorm a messege and convey it to the "money man." The "money man" is the guy who funds your movie if he likes it. The role of the "money man" was played by Ryan. The messege for our group that the "money man" approved was, "No matter what happens remember who you are or others will lose trust in you." We will be making one of our short movies based off of this.

DonDre Sanders

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting into the swing of things: Media Magic Day 4

First we talked about our trip to Troy where we talked to people that appeared to be our peers. They also appeared to have made a film without me me... kinda sad about that actually. Then we went over ways of how we could narrate a film of our own and we used some examples, that were actually pretty good. After wards we began learning the Google Doc which is sooooooo awesome I can have a conversation actively ,but I'm very lazy so scratch that. We all have a idea to create a film where we uses narrations to explain the film we are making and so far it's coming along great. So the group I'm in is brainstorming ways to think like a girl pfff, good luck with that, me. Good day to you, good people, see ya! As you can see in picture number two, that would be me.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Media Magic Episodes 4 AND 5!

Dying to get another glimpse into the wild world of Media Magic? Good thing episodes 4 AND 5 are up for everyone to enjoy! In these episodes we follow in the footsteps of the Academy Award winning film The Artist and go SILENT. SSSSHHHHH!

Episode 4 - Money Has No Words

We begin episode 4 with some calming words from Javon on plants, followed by our first short silent film, "Money has No Words", an action packed comedy with real heart and emotion at its core. ENJOY!

"Who needs words with these actors! A cinematic masterpiece!" -a viewer

Episode 5 - Tumultuous Teen Love

The silent storytelling continues with a short film tackling the difficulties of teen love. Can you guess who our heroine will end up with? BUT FIRST, we get goofy with Felipe going "Off the Wall"! lol.

Stay tuned for 3 more episodes to be released from SEASON 1!

Also, keep up to date with the going ons of the current Media Magic sessions right here, just look down!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

who am i nyiesha

    The amount of tv I watch varies monday thru friday I watch tv from 3:00 until 10:00
my favorite show are Tyler Perry's House Of Payne I watch it tuesday at 9:00 I also like law and order I watch it when every it comes on
      I go on the internet all the time i go to listen to music  i also go on face-book to chat with my friends i also go on google to find out new things
     when im doing group work i have good ideas sometimes i share them sometimes im shy
If me an a friend was to have a disagreement i would tell them how i fell about the situation
if im asked to do something that i dont know how to do i will ask for help i dont like feeling lost

The Q & As I must answer

Okay - the funny thing is: I don't have cable, so I don't really watch tv. The the shows I do get to see that I like are Glee, Secret Life of an American Teenager, House, 1000 Ways to Die, the news, Ellen, Too Cute, The Seven, and Man vs. Food. My favorite movies are Forest Gump, The Princess Bride, The Transformer Movies, Men in Black, The Lion King, Tangled and The Princess and Frog.

 I'm on the interent at least once a week. I usally go on the internet to talk to friends, learn new things, look at pictures, school stuff, and listen to new music. My favorite websites are Ask.com, Yahoo.com, Google.com, Facebook.com, Youtube.com and Pandora.com.

When I work in a group I'm leader or a goup member who has good ideas but only kind of shares them. These roles appeal to me because I am good at leading others and organizing things but sometimes others want a turn at being a leader so I let them, but I still help out.

If a close friend and I had a disagreement I would try my best to work things out with them, and if that didn't work I'd give us so thime to think it over. Sometimes you disagree on something and that's okay because no one agrees on everything. If that friend is that important you'll work it out.

Sometimes when I'm asked to do something that I don't know how to do I simply ask for help.

Who I Am by: Jevon Grey

It's Martha Madness TIME!

Q&A Time! <3

Q) How much TV do you watch? What are your favorite shows and movies?

I don't really watch alot of TV. Hardly much of any. But when I am watching TV, I am on MNet all the TIME! I absolutely love MCountdown, a korean music show, and HelloPop! Because they keep me in tune to all of the things about a culture I adore. When I am not watching Asian television, I'm watching movies. My favorite movies of all time are Sweeney Todd, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Ninja Assassin, Wristcutters and my favorite of all is I Am a Cyborg But That's Okay. I love horror movies, I love indie movies, I adore documentaries and even musicals. 

Q) How often do you go on the internet and what do you use it for?

I go on the internet quite often. I practically spend m y life on it. Not negatively of course. I do alot of art things only. I edit photography and submit it to DeviantArt, I make my own movie trailers for my stories, I write quite alot and have even started my own book series, I roleplay which gets my creative juices flowing and of course, I listen to music ALL OF THE TIME. Youtube is practically my sanctuary.

When doing group work, which of these roles do you gravitate towards and why?

You know when you have to work in a group? And you always have that side you lean towards being. I'm not that gal to just shut up and not say my ideas, but I'm not the leader either. I can't have that much power. Muahaha! But anyway, I usually either openly, confidently, or shyly, and that's all depending on whether I am comfortable around the group, express my ideas. Usually, I try to be mannerly about it, because I like to be polite but sometimes you gotta put your foot down and say "HEY! There ain't enough room in this town for both of us to be talking at the same time!" And give your opinion but also take into account what others say as well.

Q)You and a friend have a disagreement. How would you respond?

Sometimes, friends disagree with each other. We all know this. And if you are saying right now that you have never had a disagreement with a friend, you're a liar, or your friend is a robot you made. I handle the problem a little different than everyone else. I try my best to solve it, talk it out and try to be the sweetest I can be to fix things. And that's actually VERY, VERY sweet. If they still are at a standstill, I leave it up to them. A friendship is a two person thing, not a one person thing. You never know how one person is going to react. But you always have to remember, as much a friendship is a two person commitment, you need to do what makes you happy. If they can't value your friendship enough to put all bad things and horrible discussions aside, than they don't truly value your friendship. 

Q) You're asked to do something you don't know. How would you respond?

"Martha, go fly that airplane over there?" I bet you're thinking to yourself, "Martha, how are you going to do that? You're a child prodigy pilot? AWESOME!" But no. I am not. I cannot fly airplanes, as much as I want to I can't. I do not want to cause a disaster by crashing a plane into someone's farm. So I research. I try my best to just, fill myself with as much knowledge as I can about what I am trying to do. That way I can do it.

So that's all this amoeba of creativity has to say! LATERZ! <3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Question 1: I watch few hours of TV a day. Some of my favorite TV shoes are Community, the office, Seinfeld, Some of my favorite movies are Life Aqutic, Man in Black, the Indian Jones movies , Lords of dog town, and the batman movies.                                                               Question 2: When doing groups some roles i gravitate towards is having good ideas and sharing them, because i thing if everybody is thinking about the same project were all on the same page. Another role would be team leader because i think ever one should have chance to lead there own project.                                                                                                       Question 3: If a close friend and i had a disagreement, i would try to resolve the issue to were we both come to an agreement, but if this cant happen i would try to let go of the the issue between us.                                                                                                                                Question 4: If i were asked to do something i did not know how to do. My first thing i would do is try my best shot at this thing. If I' m continuing to have trouble with this i would ask for help on the subject. As a last tool if possible i would try to find the information through google.
1. I watch about 2hrs of TV a day, while I'm watching TV I watch Attack of the Show, Xplay, and Being Human. When I'm using the internet I research new things I didn't previously know.

2. When doing group work I generally take on the role of being a person who has good ideas, but won't share them, because a lot of the time I know my ideas are not necessarily needed at the time.

3. If I've ever have a disagreement with a friend I would send them a long drawn out text message voicing my ideas and opinions. If I'm asked to do something i don't know how to do I tell that person I don't know what I'm doing.

A little bit about Chauls

Hey, Chauls here! For my first post, I'll be doing a little Q and A about myself.

Q) How much TV do you watch? What are your favorite shows and movies?

A) On a regular day, I watch about 4 hours of TV. When I'm being lazy, it blows up to approximately 10 hours! I enjoy watching House, Family Guy, Scrubs, and Game of Thrones. As of now, my most beloved movies are Chronicle, SuckerPunch, and lastly Charlie St. Cloud. Yeah, I watch chick flicks.

Q) How often do you go on the internet and what do you use it for?

A) Seeing that I have a smartphone I'm going to have to say ALL THE TIME. I'm usually looking for new pictures to inspire my constant hunger for the arts. Other than that, I'm talking to distant friends on Facebook or listening to funny people on YouTube.

Q)You and a friend have a disagreement. How would you respond?

A) This happens at least every two weeks. I'll talk to a friend of mine and we may get into a bit of a skirmish. I take a good breather (lasting up to four days) and try my best to come to an answer we both can agree with.

Q) You're asked to do something you don't know. How would you respond?

A) Hmm...I'd most likely attempt to get the hang of this new ability or skill. That's mainly why I joined CMP! I wanted to expand my horizons from just drawing and sketching. If I want to work in animation, I'd be much better for me to learn filming, recording, and how to correctly storyboard. 

      And that's all for Q and A! Let's go on to Group Roles. For me, it's mainly the funny guy making shenanigans or the one who has amazing ideas, but rarely shares them. The reason why is because when I am in a group, I tense up and the only way I can release stress is through comedy. After I let all of the giggles out, my brain begins to go into overtime and come up with all of these super awesome ideas but I would not share them. Mainly due to my fear of ridicule from my ideas.

Words From Wisdom

How much TV do you watch?
What's your favorite shows or movies?
How often do you go on the internet, and what do you use it for?

Question 1.) I watch Tv when ever i get the chance to i guess, 3 hours a day.
Question 2.) House, Naruto,Cops, Attack of the show
Question 3.) Well i go on the internet about 5 times a day, From class one to 5:30.  School work sometimes, most of the time youtube. I use youtube for education to know how to cut and edit things. But I'm not going to like, I youtube surf like the rest of the world.

When doing group work i like to not be a team leader but put in my ideas. Most of my ideas are what i want to see happen, that i thought of when i was home. I do all the work thats given too me, so making me a fall back is a smart idea. I'm not going to lie, I make jokes all the time but that only rules out the negative cloud.

If a friend and I got in to a fight, like "Nate" one of my many best friends who make me who i am.
I think I'd yell for how long the fight is and then it becomes quiet, then we just blow off the steam and drop it. If one thing i learned with friends is, if you can be mad around them and get into fights and meet up tomorrow like nothing happened then. That we understand each other more than words to a human.

If i don't know anything about something, Ill call on Jevon. The master mind of them all, The king of logic. Or just a Teacher. laugh out loud.

Scott Was here 4/25/12 Signing out...

Felipe's World

I watch many hours of TV a day. My favorite TV shows are Pokemon (GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL), The Big Bang Theory (Bazinga), and Dragon Ball Z (Kame-hame-HAA).But not Dragon Ball Z Kai because they just messed it all up with that. Not to mention Regular Show, Aventure Time, and XPlay, I love thoughs shows. My favorite movies are the Spider-Man trilogy, the Harry Potter series, and the Transformers series. I go onto the internet for about a few hours a day, I mainly go on Youtube, Facebook, Newgrounds, Addictinggames, and Rplay.

When doing group work, I not only share good ideas, I have fun doing it. I also make people laugh with my shenanigans.

If a close fried and I got into an argument, I would have the both of us show some proof to each other and see who is correct. If I were to be asked to do something I have no idea to, I would simply ask someone who knows what to do for help.

My first blog post

Hey. For my first post I'll be answering some questions about myself. 

Q1: How much TV do you watch? What are your favorite shows and movies?
A: I don't really watch that much TV, but when i do i like to watch Everybody Hates Chris. And for movies i like too many too list here.

Q2: How often do you go on the internet, and what do you use it for? 
A2:  I use the internet pretty often and i use it to go on Facebook and occasionally to go on Youtube. 

Q3: When doing group work, which of these roles do you gravitate towards and why? 
A3:  . Hangs back and let others do the work ( If it's something i'm not that good at)
       .  Team Leader (  If it's something i know a lot about. )   

Q4: Say you and a close friend had a disagreement. How do you respond?
A4: I would be distant at first but then I'd go to the friend and talk to them about the situation and then make up from the argument.

Q5:  Say you're asked go do something yo don't know how to do. How do you respond?
A5:  I'd tell the person i don't know how to do whatever they asked me. And then I would learn how to do that thing.

The Super Duper Uber Blog Post By BILLIQUE


The amount of t.v I watch is probably 3 to 4 hours a day. My favorite t.v show is Scrubs and my favorite movie is Chronicle. The amount of time i spend on a computer is not that long but on the internet I play loads of online games like call of duty black ops. When I'm doing group work I'm kind of a cross of a group leader and a person who uses shenanigans to spread joy and happiness to all. If me and a close friend got into a argument id deflect all things they say and tell them i am sorry and i hope they  forgive me. If someone told me to do something I don't  know how to do tell them to explain it to me so I can do it.    
                                   I am Billique and I approve of this message
Media is the answer, The key to all that matters. If you can harness the power of media you can let your voice be heard. If you want your voice to be heard then your voice will be heard. Nevertheless, keep in mind that with the great power of media comes great responsibility. Don't let the power of media fall into the wrong hands and don't become corrupt with the power of media yourself. The power must be used for good not evil

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My first day of CMP (day 1 of Media Magic)

Hi, I'm Corey and today was my first day of CMP. It was a lot of fun. We started off with some new rules and some old ones to get the floor rolling. Then after we had a break of such. We played the I have Mail for..... game, I was in the middle a lot, too. I came up with our new free writing title and it's called TIW which stands for timed idea writing. Which we did twice today. One of which was for use to come up with our own jingle. There was a lot of funny ones. I got to learn so stuff about the flip cam and a recording device thingie. There was a lot of laughing and as they say, "laughing is the best medicine."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Media Magic Episodes 1-3!

Two months, 3 days a week and countless hours later, the Media Magic webseries is now available for the world to see! We explored everything from animal hospitals to art centers to aliens!

Episode 1- A Visit to the Animal Hospital

In episode one Felipe, Mr. Meow-Meow and the rest of Media Magic travel to the local animal hospital to learn exactly what happens. Ryan also has some quality time with a parrot. A special thanks to Dr. Howard Mintzer and the rest of the staff at the Mid-Hudson Animal Hospital!

Episode 2- A Visit to the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center

In this episode we travel to the Mid-Hudson Heritage center to learn about the history and art of the area. We also get to the bottom of an important question with some of the staff, what meal would you eat for the rest of your life?!?! And of course, a special thanks to the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center!

Episode 3- What if Aliens Landed in Poughkeepsie?

In episode 3 Media Magic takes to the street to determine how Aliens would perceive Poughkeepsie, and of course we have some humanimation!

Stay tuned for the rest of the episodes soon to be released!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Goodbye, Media Magic! Until Next Time...

Wow... I can't believe how fast the time has gone! These eight weeks have been a blast! During my time here, I have learned how to direct most of our pieces, how to use every shot in several different ways, and how to use the wonderful movie making program iMovie. As fun as this entire experience has been, there are three times that have been engraved into my memory. Those three times were making the silent movie, learning how iMovie works, and meeting all of my amazing partners here at Media Magic. I'll treasure these memories because these actions made me a better person in film and attitude.

                   -Charles Smith, signing out.

Good Times With the Cast

Um, let's see... Media Magic is a big family to me. I remember when I first came to Children's Media Project. I felt like I was clueless the whole time. Now I feel that if the old me came here, I could teach him a lot. Starting with iMovie I learned a lot. Learning how to answer an office phone was kinda fun.  And learning how to get different camera shots. The first day was so funny because I got to meet some people, even though I knew most of them. The second day was even better because everyone was so quiet even thought there was one girl. But my best memory was the last day, everyone working together and reading each other's minds. It was true media magic, I can't wait until it starts again.

Shaquille of Media Magic

Media Magic: The Last Hoorah

My Media Magic experience was amazing. I loved being here and meeting new people, all of whom I had never met. My favorite part of Media Magic was creating the silent movie from start to finish. My group thought of a great idea, put pen to paper, and picked up a camera to film. Shaquille did a great job editing. It was a hilarious.

Although we didn't get much footage on the walkway, it was a beautiful day outside, and I loved just taking the time to sit down and free-write. That wasn't the only gorgeous day that we got to go outside: we went by the river to the park and did a zombie-esque humanimation. It was so much fun!

I had a great time here at CMP. I learned a lot and I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and completed what I needed to do.


It's Our Last Day!

The time at Media Magic was AWESOME!!! I also wish that it hadn't ended so soon. It was really, really fun here and I hope I get accepted to be in the next program that they're doing. One thing I learned that was fun was how to edit movies on iMovie. Another thing that I learned was how to use a flip camera.  I also learned a lot about animation, which was also pretty awesome. Three great memories that I have are the making of the silent films, The last day of Media Magic because it was so fun just being here today, and the making of Media Magic Man. All those memories are the best to me because they were really fun and enjoyable to me. I feel sorry for the couple of people that missed the last day because it was great here.

DonDre Sanders

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Last Hootenanny

Well, people, here we are: the final trial, the last of the gauntlets, and the final boss. I'd say that my favorite memory was when we created the silent film for our show. It was really awesome because I helped write the storyline, but I was sick one day so I couldn't act in it. One thing I liked about the program was the way the teachers taught us and understood what we were doing: they did it well. Another thing is we have so much work experience from this, and this can help us get a job in the future in film making if we are serious enough. And finally, the friends I made while I was here which includes everyone, including the teachers and the volunteers, won't say names but thanks for this great opportunity and I hope I'm here next time for...

                                     -Sincerely, Billique Smith from Media Magic

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Media Magic Day 23 - Part 2

Today we finished editing all of our videos since our last day at CMP is tomorrow. My crew finished filming some outros that involved editing. My favorite outro filmed today was the "Pencil Thief" starring Billique and Charles.

The other two were "Snapping Fingers" and "Speech to the People." "Snapping Fingers" consisted of Billique, Charles and Nick in a blast from the past, snapping their fingers  in unison. "Speech to the People" had Nick a leader quality to him that made everybody cheer.

It was a lot of fun seeing the end results of everybody's projects. They look great. I saw Shaquille's which looks amazing! It's the silent film that we filmed a few weeks ago. He made it black and white to make it seem like a real silent film. With the music behind the footage, it turned out perfect.

I'm so excited to see how the episodes come out, and how all of our hard work really paid off.