Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 24 blog: Big moment editing

Today my group and I finished editing our movie moment. We had problems editing and rendering, but we got through it anyway. I was interviewed today and it was quite interesting. I feel like my group and I got a lot done today. This week and last week we were pretty productive. We're doing a new project on movie trailers. We are going to relive the trailers. I feel pretty happy about this next project. I'm sure my group will be a big hit. We haven't decided on what trailer we are going to use but I am sure it is going to be good. My group is really creative.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tyler posting from Mary Ellen's account!

Warm up: 
Improv Game
We separated into three groups, and did a "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" type improv game. We did three rounds, and had to be quick improv with props.

Tyler and Taylor - We decided to be a princess, I just happened to be carrying a baby. (A Square Baby)

Jordan was blindfolded, playing pinata (using a lamp of course)

Jake and Elissa doing a "fashion" show.

Jack is telling Nyree what to edit
This is taylor working on the workstation computer, editing her piece.

Ryan and his amazing beard teaching Elissa and Jake how to do some editing tricks, while Tyler watches.

Today was a good day, very productive. All of the groups were working hard. Things are going great here at Media Magic! :) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hey everyone, Taylor again! Today my group and I finished filming for our make a moment project. My team is making a film about the moment when you open you college acceptance letter. The hardest part about today was actually setting up the camera to film the different scenes. But, the funnest part of my day was being able to be in my movie! I almost never act and it was a great experience. Overall, I had a really great day and I had a lot of fun filming with my team!

Nyree Mont

today my group started and finished a new script after switching it like four times. Our movie moment was that YOHAN realized he was a ghost. We used camera panasonic Y. I think we all enjoyed the day working with each other and coming together on our new script. I would totally love to do this again!

- Jedi Nyree

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's shakin' bacon?!

What's happening?! :D
Hay-o! It's Martha! I know I'm back! It's been a while hasn't it? I get blogging duty today after being sick for a few days and gone from CMP. I really missed being here, regardless of feeling a bit under the weather. 

First of all, I brought candy as a treat for everyone to make up for being away for a few days. It seemed to work, and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it too. 

Today, we practiced our script writing on Celtx. We started out as a group just learning the basic ways to get around the program and ended up making a really hilarious scene where Ryan was in a dress and Mike in a bear costume at a restaurant called Planet Zorg.

After being sent off to work on doings from Wednesday, Eamon, Taylor, Felipe and I worked together to create an electrifying and tense story about the contents of a letter. Gotta admit, the process was not only fun, but I got to know a few people that I hadn't really gotten to work with yet.

Also found out that Eamon is my new Jedi! Originally I'd been working with Jake and now I'm excited that I get to meet everyone in detail. Only thing is, now my Jedi is taller than me. But I think I'll get used to it. I guess. :]

Overall, today was a good day and I really hope I get to work more closely with more students here at CMP. I hope I don't have to miss anymore days here, because I'm really enjoying it and it's really awesome to be back. I missed being here. 
The creativity is everywhere here and I love it.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The one moment in movies.... you remember?

 This is the group lead by mike whose a teacher at CMP currently. they're working on what they're on which im sure will be as great like Ryan's man beard. Then under this is two of our six very talented Jedi's focusing on the ultimately important task at hand.
Today the Jedi nation met on very serious matters today about one of the mot dire steps in filming. THE   MOVIE MOMENT, this a moment in the film that can be found usually near the climax, usually a point where the protagonist becomes aware of the situation in front of them. There was multiple teams storyboarding in teams of 4. The teams were me, jack, nyree, jordan, and sad, which was my group and we went multiple ideas, and the hard part is getting the "movie moment"in the movie. We thought about a mom/dad, literally the kids parent is both, maternal,and paternal parenting in one parent, a DADOMMA.

"Movie Moment"

Dear fellow readers,
                          Today I had to use all of my focus for a big "movie moment". My partners Billique, Nyree, Jack, and I had to brainstorm the the brain cells out of us. We had to come up with a big movie moment because most directors or movie makers tend to fail at creating one. Our ideas were kind of complex but I know that it will be a success. There were no wrong or right idea, every idea was great- problem is we had to pick one. I think the biggest problem overall was trying to build up the big movie moment.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Romanic Comedy Film

Hey everyone! Tyler and Taylor here again. We presented our romantic comedy trailer today! It was so much fun. Some people said that our cuts were a bit short. But, otherwise all of our other critiques were positive. I think that some parts of the volume were off and a few clips were a bit out of place when I looked back at it.

We also went and filmed an interview at Prime Print Shop on Main Street. That went well, even though we forgot some equipment. He answered a lot of questions. It was raining, which made it worse. It was still a good day.
         Today we went to the print shop to interview the owner. I think the interview went great and I got a hands on experience working with the camera and asking the questions. I felt that it could have went better because we made some mistakes, like leaving the tripod at CMP and we had to think of questions off the top of our heads because no one wrote any down. Overall it was a really good day and I learned a lot.

Political Mudslinging Editing+Viewing

Hey its Nyree, Martha, and Jake, today was great ! We finished editing our Political Mudslinging ad targeting large record corporations and supporting small businesses. We finished the day (we know, we really only did two things today) by viewing each others videos and offering criticism to other groups. We received advice regarding our video such as: the music overpowering the voice, and clashes between the idea & the music. In addition to this we had jumpy cuts and too short of clips. Our video, was as in the name; a political mudslinging ad. The other videos were an advertisement for a horror film, a romantic comedy, an inspirational commercial, and an advertisement for the store itself. Overall, today was a brilliant day working together. Hopefully next time we can make an even better video. We had fun editing, and adding an interesting music style as backing track (with the help of Ryan).

Editing with Eamon

Finalcut pro came fairly naturally to me, I (with the help of Charles) edited footage from our Darkside Records shoot to make it seem inspirational. I mean I guess it was inspirational, it seemed mostly like a joke to me. "Justin Johnson, one small business, one big dream" coming to theaters Febuary 30, two thousand never.

Voices in my head

Jordan- Today was a great day to wake up on. I finished a project that I didn't know I had the patients for. It came out really good thanks to the epic demon voice in my head. Thanks FELIPE!!! Based off of what my fellow co-workers reactions my video was good. They had positive comments like good transactions, and oh yah... NICE VOICE. I also thought it was good because it helped me improve my video editing for future video productions. :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Media Magic - March 6th

Hey all! It's Tyler. Media Magic was super fun today. We started off by watching some clips to see the essential parts of a video. We saw some commercials, a music video (without the music, just the raw footage)

Mary Ellen and Ryan were awesome at explaining all the steps, and all the nessecary parts to make or break a clip.

After we did that, we jumped into a power-editing session, using our footage from Darkside Records to create different "commercials" in different genres. Me and Taylor had to make a romantic comedy version. 
Jordan had to make a horror/scary version.

Jake, Nyree and Billque were making a "Political Mudslinging Ad" using the footage. 

Overall, Today (as well as any other day) at Media Magic was SUPER AWESOME! :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hey everyone, it's Taylor! So, today we went to Darkside Records for an interview project. It was so exciting! I got to hold the boom microphone. It was difficult to keep it out of the shot though. I wasn't too nervous because we I had done it before. But, at the end of the day I had at the end of the day, I had a ton of fun and I got to learn a lot about Darkside Records. I would have never known that more people buy records rather than CDs. 
Hey everyone, it's Jake! So today I went to Darkside Records and Gallery. The Media Magic team was doing an interview with the owners and operators of the store. They have the largest selection of records and cds in the Hudson Valley. In addition to this interview I was filming around the store to get a feel of the setup. We found out very quickly that it is a busy place, as within the first few minutes of being there, 4 people showed up to purchase records.
Before we could go do this interview, we had to go through the process of coming up with questions to ask the proprietors of the aforementioned establishment about their day-to-day happenings. We came up with questions through a game where we had to ask questions but provide no answer. It may sound odd, but it was the process of throwing a ball at someone, they ask a question, throwing it again; the receiving person answers a question and repeat. The best part was the discussion in the ride to the record store.
All in all it was a successful day with the entire Media Magic crew, and I can't wait for the editing process to begin tomorrow.