Monday, April 30, 2012

Media Magic Episodes 4 AND 5!

Dying to get another glimpse into the wild world of Media Magic? Good thing episodes 4 AND 5 are up for everyone to enjoy! In these episodes we follow in the footsteps of the Academy Award winning film The Artist and go SILENT. SSSSHHHHH!

Episode 4 - Money Has No Words

We begin episode 4 with some calming words from Javon on plants, followed by our first short silent film, "Money has No Words", an action packed comedy with real heart and emotion at its core. ENJOY!

"Who needs words with these actors! A cinematic masterpiece!" -a viewer

Episode 5 - Tumultuous Teen Love

The silent storytelling continues with a short film tackling the difficulties of teen love. Can you guess who our heroine will end up with? BUT FIRST, we get goofy with Felipe going "Off the Wall"! lol.

Stay tuned for 3 more episodes to be released from SEASON 1!

Also, keep up to date with the going ons of the current Media Magic sessions right here, just look down!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

who am i nyiesha

    The amount of tv I watch varies monday thru friday I watch tv from 3:00 until 10:00
my favorite show are Tyler Perry's House Of Payne I watch it tuesday at 9:00 I also like law and order I watch it when every it comes on
      I go on the internet all the time i go to listen to music  i also go on face-book to chat with my friends i also go on google to find out new things
     when im doing group work i have good ideas sometimes i share them sometimes im shy
If me an a friend was to have a disagreement i would tell them how i fell about the situation
if im asked to do something that i dont know how to do i will ask for help i dont like feeling lost

The Q & As I must answer

Okay - the funny thing is: I don't have cable, so I don't really watch tv. The the shows I do get to see that I like are Glee, Secret Life of an American Teenager, House, 1000 Ways to Die, the news, Ellen, Too Cute, The Seven, and Man vs. Food. My favorite movies are Forest Gump, The Princess Bride, The Transformer Movies, Men in Black, The Lion King, Tangled and The Princess and Frog.

 I'm on the interent at least once a week. I usally go on the internet to talk to friends, learn new things, look at pictures, school stuff, and listen to new music. My favorite websites are,,,, and

When I work in a group I'm leader or a goup member who has good ideas but only kind of shares them. These roles appeal to me because I am good at leading others and organizing things but sometimes others want a turn at being a leader so I let them, but I still help out.

If a close friend and I had a disagreement I would try my best to work things out with them, and if that didn't work I'd give us so thime to think it over. Sometimes you disagree on something and that's okay because no one agrees on everything. If that friend is that important you'll work it out.

Sometimes when I'm asked to do something that I don't know how to do I simply ask for help.

Who I Am by: Jevon Grey

It's Martha Madness TIME!

Q&A Time! <3

Q) How much TV do you watch? What are your favorite shows and movies?

I don't really watch alot of TV. Hardly much of any. But when I am watching TV, I am on MNet all the TIME! I absolutely love MCountdown, a korean music show, and HelloPop! Because they keep me in tune to all of the things about a culture I adore. When I am not watching Asian television, I'm watching movies. My favorite movies of all time are Sweeney Todd, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Ninja Assassin, Wristcutters and my favorite of all is I Am a Cyborg But That's Okay. I love horror movies, I love indie movies, I adore documentaries and even musicals. 

Q) How often do you go on the internet and what do you use it for?

I go on the internet quite often. I practically spend m y life on it. Not negatively of course. I do alot of art things only. I edit photography and submit it to DeviantArt, I make my own movie trailers for my stories, I write quite alot and have even started my own book series, I roleplay which gets my creative juices flowing and of course, I listen to music ALL OF THE TIME. Youtube is practically my sanctuary.

When doing group work, which of these roles do you gravitate towards and why?

You know when you have to work in a group? And you always have that side you lean towards being. I'm not that gal to just shut up and not say my ideas, but I'm not the leader either. I can't have that much power. Muahaha! But anyway, I usually either openly, confidently, or shyly, and that's all depending on whether I am comfortable around the group, express my ideas. Usually, I try to be mannerly about it, because I like to be polite but sometimes you gotta put your foot down and say "HEY! There ain't enough room in this town for both of us to be talking at the same time!" And give your opinion but also take into account what others say as well.

Q)You and a friend have a disagreement. How would you respond?

Sometimes, friends disagree with each other. We all know this. And if you are saying right now that you have never had a disagreement with a friend, you're a liar, or your friend is a robot you made. I handle the problem a little different than everyone else. I try my best to solve it, talk it out and try to be the sweetest I can be to fix things. And that's actually VERY, VERY sweet. If they still are at a standstill, I leave it up to them. A friendship is a two person thing, not a one person thing. You never know how one person is going to react. But you always have to remember, as much a friendship is a two person commitment, you need to do what makes you happy. If they can't value your friendship enough to put all bad things and horrible discussions aside, than they don't truly value your friendship. 

Q) You're asked to do something you don't know. How would you respond?

"Martha, go fly that airplane over there?" I bet you're thinking to yourself, "Martha, how are you going to do that? You're a child prodigy pilot? AWESOME!" But no. I am not. I cannot fly airplanes, as much as I want to I can't. I do not want to cause a disaster by crashing a plane into someone's farm. So I research. I try my best to just, fill myself with as much knowledge as I can about what I am trying to do. That way I can do it.

So that's all this amoeba of creativity has to say! LATERZ! <3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Question 1: I watch few hours of TV a day. Some of my favorite TV shoes are Community, the office, Seinfeld, Some of my favorite movies are Life Aqutic, Man in Black, the Indian Jones movies , Lords of dog town, and the batman movies.                                                               Question 2: When doing groups some roles i gravitate towards is having good ideas and sharing them, because i thing if everybody is thinking about the same project were all on the same page. Another role would be team leader because i think ever one should have chance to lead there own project.                                                                                                       Question 3: If a close friend and i had a disagreement, i would try to resolve the issue to were we both come to an agreement, but if this cant happen i would try to let go of the the issue between us.                                                                                                                                Question 4: If i were asked to do something i did not know how to do. My first thing i would do is try my best shot at this thing. If I' m continuing to have trouble with this i would ask for help on the subject. As a last tool if possible i would try to find the information through google.
1. I watch about 2hrs of TV a day, while I'm watching TV I watch Attack of the Show, Xplay, and Being Human. When I'm using the internet I research new things I didn't previously know.

2. When doing group work I generally take on the role of being a person who has good ideas, but won't share them, because a lot of the time I know my ideas are not necessarily needed at the time.

3. If I've ever have a disagreement with a friend I would send them a long drawn out text message voicing my ideas and opinions. If I'm asked to do something i don't know how to do I tell that person I don't know what I'm doing.

A little bit about Chauls

Hey, Chauls here! For my first post, I'll be doing a little Q and A about myself.

Q) How much TV do you watch? What are your favorite shows and movies?

A) On a regular day, I watch about 4 hours of TV. When I'm being lazy, it blows up to approximately 10 hours! I enjoy watching House, Family Guy, Scrubs, and Game of Thrones. As of now, my most beloved movies are Chronicle, SuckerPunch, and lastly Charlie St. Cloud. Yeah, I watch chick flicks.

Q) How often do you go on the internet and what do you use it for?

A) Seeing that I have a smartphone I'm going to have to say ALL THE TIME. I'm usually looking for new pictures to inspire my constant hunger for the arts. Other than that, I'm talking to distant friends on Facebook or listening to funny people on YouTube.

Q)You and a friend have a disagreement. How would you respond?

A) This happens at least every two weeks. I'll talk to a friend of mine and we may get into a bit of a skirmish. I take a good breather (lasting up to four days) and try my best to come to an answer we both can agree with.

Q) You're asked to do something you don't know. How would you respond?

A) Hmm...I'd most likely attempt to get the hang of this new ability or skill. That's mainly why I joined CMP! I wanted to expand my horizons from just drawing and sketching. If I want to work in animation, I'd be much better for me to learn filming, recording, and how to correctly storyboard. 

      And that's all for Q and A! Let's go on to Group Roles. For me, it's mainly the funny guy making shenanigans or the one who has amazing ideas, but rarely shares them. The reason why is because when I am in a group, I tense up and the only way I can release stress is through comedy. After I let all of the giggles out, my brain begins to go into overtime and come up with all of these super awesome ideas but I would not share them. Mainly due to my fear of ridicule from my ideas.

Words From Wisdom

How much TV do you watch?
What's your favorite shows or movies?
How often do you go on the internet, and what do you use it for?

Question 1.) I watch Tv when ever i get the chance to i guess, 3 hours a day.
Question 2.) House, Naruto,Cops, Attack of the show
Question 3.) Well i go on the internet about 5 times a day, From class one to 5:30.  School work sometimes, most of the time youtube. I use youtube for education to know how to cut and edit things. But I'm not going to like, I youtube surf like the rest of the world.

When doing group work i like to not be a team leader but put in my ideas. Most of my ideas are what i want to see happen, that i thought of when i was home. I do all the work thats given too me, so making me a fall back is a smart idea. I'm not going to lie, I make jokes all the time but that only rules out the negative cloud.

If a friend and I got in to a fight, like "Nate" one of my many best friends who make me who i am.
I think I'd yell for how long the fight is and then it becomes quiet, then we just blow off the steam and drop it. If one thing i learned with friends is, if you can be mad around them and get into fights and meet up tomorrow like nothing happened then. That we understand each other more than words to a human.

If i don't know anything about something, Ill call on Jevon. The master mind of them all, The king of logic. Or just a Teacher. laugh out loud.

Scott Was here 4/25/12 Signing out...

Felipe's World

I watch many hours of TV a day. My favorite TV shows are Pokemon (GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL), The Big Bang Theory (Bazinga), and Dragon Ball Z (Kame-hame-HAA).But not Dragon Ball Z Kai because they just messed it all up with that. Not to mention Regular Show, Aventure Time, and XPlay, I love thoughs shows. My favorite movies are the Spider-Man trilogy, the Harry Potter series, and the Transformers series. I go onto the internet for about a few hours a day, I mainly go on Youtube, Facebook, Newgrounds, Addictinggames, and Rplay.

When doing group work, I not only share good ideas, I have fun doing it. I also make people laugh with my shenanigans.

If a close fried and I got into an argument, I would have the both of us show some proof to each other and see who is correct. If I were to be asked to do something I have no idea to, I would simply ask someone who knows what to do for help.

My first blog post

Hey. For my first post I'll be answering some questions about myself. 

Q1: How much TV do you watch? What are your favorite shows and movies?
A: I don't really watch that much TV, but when i do i like to watch Everybody Hates Chris. And for movies i like too many too list here.

Q2: How often do you go on the internet, and what do you use it for? 
A2:  I use the internet pretty often and i use it to go on Facebook and occasionally to go on Youtube. 

Q3: When doing group work, which of these roles do you gravitate towards and why? 
A3:  . Hangs back and let others do the work ( If it's something i'm not that good at)
       .  Team Leader (  If it's something i know a lot about. )   

Q4: Say you and a close friend had a disagreement. How do you respond?
A4: I would be distant at first but then I'd go to the friend and talk to them about the situation and then make up from the argument.

Q5:  Say you're asked go do something yo don't know how to do. How do you respond?
A5:  I'd tell the person i don't know how to do whatever they asked me. And then I would learn how to do that thing.

The Super Duper Uber Blog Post By BILLIQUE


The amount of t.v I watch is probably 3 to 4 hours a day. My favorite t.v show is Scrubs and my favorite movie is Chronicle. The amount of time i spend on a computer is not that long but on the internet I play loads of online games like call of duty black ops. When I'm doing group work I'm kind of a cross of a group leader and a person who uses shenanigans to spread joy and happiness to all. If me and a close friend got into a argument id deflect all things they say and tell them i am sorry and i hope they  forgive me. If someone told me to do something I don't  know how to do tell them to explain it to me so I can do it.    
                                   I am Billique and I approve of this message
Media is the answer, The key to all that matters. If you can harness the power of media you can let your voice be heard. If you want your voice to be heard then your voice will be heard. Nevertheless, keep in mind that with the great power of media comes great responsibility. Don't let the power of media fall into the wrong hands and don't become corrupt with the power of media yourself. The power must be used for good not evil

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My first day of CMP (day 1 of Media Magic)

Hi, I'm Corey and today was my first day of CMP. It was a lot of fun. We started off with some new rules and some old ones to get the floor rolling. Then after we had a break of such. We played the I have Mail for..... game, I was in the middle a lot, too. I came up with our new free writing title and it's called TIW which stands for timed idea writing. Which we did twice today. One of which was for use to come up with our own jingle. There was a lot of funny ones. I got to learn so stuff about the flip cam and a recording device thingie. There was a lot of laughing and as they say, "laughing is the best medicine."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Media Magic Episodes 1-3!

Two months, 3 days a week and countless hours later, the Media Magic webseries is now available for the world to see! We explored everything from animal hospitals to art centers to aliens!

Episode 1- A Visit to the Animal Hospital

In episode one Felipe, Mr. Meow-Meow and the rest of Media Magic travel to the local animal hospital to learn exactly what happens. Ryan also has some quality time with a parrot. A special thanks to Dr. Howard Mintzer and the rest of the staff at the Mid-Hudson Animal Hospital!

Episode 2- A Visit to the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center

In this episode we travel to the Mid-Hudson Heritage center to learn about the history and art of the area. We also get to the bottom of an important question with some of the staff, what meal would you eat for the rest of your life?!?! And of course, a special thanks to the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center!

Episode 3- What if Aliens Landed in Poughkeepsie?

In episode 3 Media Magic takes to the street to determine how Aliens would perceive Poughkeepsie, and of course we have some humanimation!

Stay tuned for the rest of the episodes soon to be released!