Wednesday, August 8, 2012

                Last year I was apart of TURN IT UP. It was my first time dealing with radio, and I had no idea what I was doing. I only knew how to use the internet and Microsoft Word for when I had to write papers. I had no idea what a zoom was or how to work it. I wasn't confident about what I was doing, I was sort of shy, and I did not think my opinion mattered. My first time on the radio I was a a little nervous and didn't want to talk, but then I soon realized that I can be anyone on the radio and if no one cared about what I think I wouldn't be here right now. So I put my fear behind me, started talking a little more and enjoyed my time there.
              This summer I work at Children's Media Project as a part of Team Motion. Even though I do not go on the radio as much I get to have an opportunity to help teach younger kids in the Night Writers program. I really like doing that because I get to help them with making there pieces and I get to see what other kids around my age are thinking.
               These past summers I have learned a lot, not only about media but about life. I learned how to use garageband, write blog posts, how to promote businesses and ideas using social media networks. I learned how to speak up for my self, to think with an open mind, and that if you work hard you can achieve a lot. Im glad that I got the opportunity to work with the different types of media because it is a learning experience that other youth my age don't get to have.

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