Tuesday, April 16, 2013

     Hey, it's Jake. In Media Magic today we are editing and finishing up the filming of our trailers. These are trailers for motion pictures. We have been recreating them over the past 2 weeks. In my group, we are recreating the first television spot for the Dark Knight. Jordan, Felipe and Nyree have been working on a trailer for the film 1000 leaves. Jack, Taylor, and Eamon have been working on a Rushmore trailer. All in all, we have been working hard on these and cannot wait to finish.

      Tyler Jake and I encountered an interesting scene wherein we had to produce someone doing pushups whilst someone watched in the background. This is a shot of this scene, while we are trying to figure what to do in the scene.
     This is Jack portraying Max Fischer in a scene from the trailer for Rushmore. It came out well.
      This is Elissa with Domonique in a scene from the Dark Knight, which had a football stadium collapsing and exploding around the players.
     This is Jordan explaining to Mike and Felipe about something to do with the film trailer for 1000 leaves.

     Now Domonique joins me to go over our highs and lows for today. This is Jake. My high for today was certainly my acting in regards to the batman cityscape, viewing the city from the top of a skyscraper. In regards to a low, I have difficulty coming up with one. Now Domonique! For a high: I had a fun time working and watching the football stadium collapse team, and it was also fun to watch the scene with batman on the skyscraper. As for a low, no low today. I think everyone worked really hard and the remakes for the trailers came out really great!

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