Monday, July 21, 2014

Interstitial Madness

The MC’s (Media Creators) are back again from a visit to the DROP House, and much has happened in a short period of time. Come and see for yourself what they’ve been up to! When we were there we found them working on an interstitial. An interstitial is a segue in between two sections of a video, show, or movie. It tells you what you are watching or listening to. These are a couple of examples of interstitials from previous seasons of DROP TV.

Here we see some DROP producers hard at work creating scripts for some new interstitials.

Here we see Amanda, one of the co-directors of DROP TV, guiding the DROP TV producers on what to do and where to be to make an awesome interstitial.

Here we see a bird’s eye view of the final product from DROP producers filming one of their ideas for an interstitial.

Even though the DROP TV producers are hard at work they can still have a lot of fun!

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