Thursday, September 11, 2014

Main Street Media Magic

Welcome back to Media Magic for the Fall 2014 session! Our first project was called "Learning from the Streets." We walked around Main Street looking at the advertisements and signs to see what we liked and disliked, and had a chance to see what we might pass by in our regular days. While we walked down the street we used these questions as a guide:

1. Who created this message?
2. Why was this message sent? What do you think the author wants you to remember?
3. What techniques are used to attract your attention? Who do you think this is aimed at, and how can you tell?

4. What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented from this message? What ones are omitted?
5. How might other people understand this message differently from me?

After coming back to the CMP office, we recorded some of our thoughts about what we saw. A lot of us were surprised and upset about the things we saw because they were portraying a bad message to our community and youth.

Stay tuned for our video from this project, coming soon!

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