Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Green Flatters Everyone (Filming Pick Ups for "Blair's Beard")

Today, we have done a few pickups for our film Blair's Beard. We used a lot of green-screen today.

Sometimes when you don't have a set around that you can use, or you need a different kind of set you can't find in real life, the actors stand in front of a green-screen and later the green is taken away and the background is put in its place.

We used the green screen because we needed an area in which we could put Ryan's head floating around Rebecca's head for a dream sequence. In it, Ryan is talking about how he's going to put a hex on her to give her a beard from the power of Chewbacca.

Today Kyle and Ryan were flabbergasted by Rebecca's beard.

A scene where Ryan will have his head floating around and changing color.

Madison has been doing a perspicacious job editing the film from the start, she's making it look great! :D 

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