Thursday, February 9, 2012

Media Magic Day 3

The events of the day were pretty beast we began making an intro to our webisodes and its too funny, especially if you love random things that link all together.We had a quick rehearsal before actually recording the footage and we nailed it the second  time around. In the end we discussed what we liked about our hard work today.

The way I felt about today was that it was extremely fun today to the point where we could have had bloopers. I think we should do this like every week and post it and show people we have fun and do things in that general area.

Next week we should be putting the final touches to our intro for media magic which is awesome. We are going to be brainstorming the ideas of how to make it even better for the viewers.
Also if a astronaut and a cave man fought ..... I believe that a caveman would win in this fight mainly because he has a club and what does the astronaut have a tire iron? Yep a caveman wins this fight hands down today people, I look forward to next week see ya.

-- By Billique

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