Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Media Magic Day 8

With Green Day in our hearts and a thirst for media we visited the Mid-Hudson Animal Hospital in Hyde Park. It was a very fresh and emotional experience, seeing  all the animals who were being taken care of with the love and help of the fine staff. From Ryan getting a close look at an exotic bird to chatting away with the head doctor, every student learned what it truly means to care for animals.

(Speaking of Ryan and the parrot . . . someone liked Ryan's hat a little too much! Check it out)

We interviewed the staff and got to see all around the facilities, I myself really enjoyed it.

In a fight between an astronaut and a caveman I honestly believe that a caveman would win hands down, because cavemen are ruthless men who hunt, gather, and fight to survive. An astronaut does ... what? Sits in a spaceship and goes to far planets...big whoop.

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