Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Media Magic Day 2

Today was day two of Media Magic. We started off with an ice breaker. The idea was to have two circles of people, one circle inside and the other surrounding it. Each person in a circle was face to face with another person. Mary Ellen would ask a question, and you and the person sitting across from you would answer and try to have a conversation about it. It was a good and easy way to learn more about one another.

Here's some footage of the awesome conversations we had:

After getting warmed up to one another, we turned our chairs towards the screen to review our radio round table interviews that we had taped yesterday. The point was to see how we could improve if we were to ever do it again. We analyzed our video interviews more closely because instead of just sound, we also had video. That means we also had to consider the different settings and angles of the shot. To get an idea of what we wanted to do as a group for our own intro to a video series, we looked at some of our favorite television intros. To brainstorm, we sat down, received our journals and began free writing. After, we drew story boards. 

Here's footage of us freewriting and freedrawing:

To end our day we made "humanimation," which is basically just our term for pixellation. The day was productive, and I can't wait to begin filming the intro!
- By Sarah Glassberg

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