Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Media Magic Day 1

The Media Magic Program is a great program for kids in this area to experience. Through the activities that the instructors created, the kids learn more about themselves and the people around them. By shooting podcasts and asking peer personal questions, I feel that the kids learn to express themselves more comfortably in front of the camera and strangers. Today, we started off by playing "getting to know each other" games. They were silly for sure, but they were fun! Next, we found out what the group is skillful at, uncomfortable with, good at, and what their secret talents are. Some were strange and funny, but I really felt that the environment is healthy and everyone here is quite accepting. Lastly, everyone split up into smaller groups. We asked each other questions such as: "Who are you?," "What are three things people couldn't know about you just by your appearance?," "What are some problems you want to know how to solve?," and at the end we made up our own questions. The way kids responded to these questions really surprised me; for each and every one of us, there's so much more to a person than just what's on the surface. For example, in school, kids feel that if they express themselves about what their goals and passions are, they will not "seem cool." This program is really good for them, because they can feel good about being passionate about something they love or want to do. After responding to the questions, we recorded the interviews. Each group got to choose their style and location for the videos. At the end of day one, everyone shared their feelings, thoughts, and experiences about the first day at Media Magic at "radio round table." More updates from MEDIA MAGIC coming soon!

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