Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Media Magic - March 6th

Hey all! It's Tyler. Media Magic was super fun today. We started off by watching some clips to see the essential parts of a video. We saw some commercials, a music video (without the music, just the raw footage)

Mary Ellen and Ryan were awesome at explaining all the steps, and all the nessecary parts to make or break a clip.

After we did that, we jumped into a power-editing session, using our footage from Darkside Records to create different "commercials" in different genres. Me and Taylor had to make a romantic comedy version. 
Jordan had to make a horror/scary version.

Jake, Nyree and Billque were making a "Political Mudslinging Ad" using the footage. 

Overall, Today (as well as any other day) at Media Magic was SUPER AWESOME! :)

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  1. This really caught me up to what I missed. Sounds like I missed a really fun day! The pics are AWESOME by the way! Can't wait to see you all! :D