Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hey everyone, it's Jake! So today I went to Darkside Records and Gallery. The Media Magic team was doing an interview with the owners and operators of the store. They have the largest selection of records and cds in the Hudson Valley. In addition to this interview I was filming around the store to get a feel of the setup. We found out very quickly that it is a busy place, as within the first few minutes of being there, 4 people showed up to purchase records.
Before we could go do this interview, we had to go through the process of coming up with questions to ask the proprietors of the aforementioned establishment about their day-to-day happenings. We came up with questions through a game where we had to ask questions but provide no answer. It may sound odd, but it was the process of throwing a ball at someone, they ask a question, throwing it again; the receiving person answers a question and repeat. The best part was the discussion in the ride to the record store.
All in all it was a successful day with the entire Media Magic crew, and I can't wait for the editing process to begin tomorrow.

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