Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Political Mudslinging Editing+Viewing

Hey its Nyree, Martha, and Jake, today was great ! We finished editing our Political Mudslinging ad targeting large record corporations and supporting small businesses. We finished the day (we know, we really only did two things today) by viewing each others videos and offering criticism to other groups. We received advice regarding our video such as: the music overpowering the voice, and clashes between the idea & the music. In addition to this we had jumpy cuts and too short of clips. Our video, was as in the name; a political mudslinging ad. The other videos were an advertisement for a horror film, a romantic comedy, an inspirational commercial, and an advertisement for the store itself. Overall, today was a brilliant day working together. Hopefully next time we can make an even better video. We had fun editing, and adding an interesting music style as backing track (with the help of Ryan).

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