Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The one moment in movies.... you remember?

 This is the group lead by mike whose a teacher at CMP currently. they're working on what they're on which im sure will be as great like Ryan's man beard. Then under this is two of our six very talented Jedi's focusing on the ultimately important task at hand.
Today the Jedi nation met on very serious matters today about one of the mot dire steps in filming. THE   MOVIE MOMENT, this a moment in the film that can be found usually near the climax, usually a point where the protagonist becomes aware of the situation in front of them. There was multiple teams storyboarding in teams of 4. The teams were me, jack, nyree, jordan, and sad, which was my group and we went multiple ideas, and the hard part is getting the "movie moment"in the movie. We thought about a mom/dad, literally the kids parent is both, maternal,and paternal parenting in one parent, a DADOMMA.

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