Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First day for DonDre

My first day here at the second session of Media Magic was pretty great. We're now script writing for our five minute movies. We learned about story structure. One element of story structure is the Stasis. The stasis is the everyday life of your story. It happens at the beginning of the story and it shows what is normal for the movie or story setting.
Before we started making our story structure ideas we had to brainstorm a messege and convey it to the "money man." The "money man" is the guy who funds your movie if he likes it. The role of the "money man" was played by Ryan. The messege for our group that the "money man" approved was, "No matter what happens remember who you are or others will lose trust in you." We will be making one of our short movies based off of this.

DonDre Sanders

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