Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So you want to know a little bit about me, huh? Well first, I love to watch television. My favorite shows would be The Office, The Community, The Finder, New Girl, Always Sunny, Deadliest Warrior, Doctor Who, and Spongebob. Yes, a lot of television. When it comes to movies, I would say my all time favorite movie would be The NoteBook because it was just such a sweet love story.

 My time on the web consists of me looking up random facts and "tidbits", Looking at funny pictures, and editing stories that I write.

If I were to be working in a group, there are a few roles that I interact with. I am a BIG creative idea person. I work my best when I am asked to "Think outside of the box" or come up with something new. I also work well when it comes to organization and planning. Things just flow easier when you have everything written down on paper. Usually when I am in a group I will be nominated to lead or choose to spearhead the project myself. I work pretty well under pressure.

Ah, when it comes to friends, I have a few good ones. If a close friend and I were to disagree on something we wouldn't stop talking, hate each other, or even try to see the other persons side. We would argue our point out in shouts until we are blue in the face! After about maybe 12 hours we might decide to call it a tie, and then we would just laugh about the ridiculous points we tried to make. I have stubborn friends.

What would I do if i was asked something and didn't know how to do it? Honestly? If I was asked to do something I wasn't sure how to do, I would do it anyway. Unless it was like a cataclysmic, life or death decision, I would pretend to know what i'm doing and push forward with the same conviction I would have if I was an expert at the task.

So now you know a little bit about me. Hope you enjoyed the information :)

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