Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting into the swing of things: Media Magic Day 4

First we talked about our trip to Troy where we talked to people that appeared to be our peers. They also appeared to have made a film without me me... kinda sad about that actually. Then we went over ways of how we could narrate a film of our own and we used some examples, that were actually pretty good. After wards we began learning the Google Doc which is sooooooo awesome I can have a conversation actively ,but I'm very lazy so scratch that. We all have a idea to create a film where we uses narrations to explain the film we are making and so far it's coming along great. So the group I'm in is brainstorming ways to think like a girl pfff, good luck with that, me. Good day to you, good people, see ya! As you can see in picture number two, that would be me.

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