Thursday, May 24, 2012

See You Later, Alligator! ^_^

Hey guys! It's Martha here blogging directly from the last day of this session of Media Magic! :[ It's actually really upsetting that it's ending so quickly. During this I was very greatly introduced into the Apple world. Not only that but I met some AMAZING people while here. It's great knowing there are actual humans out there that enjoy making movies and coming up with the ideas for them just as much as I do.

Ryan and Mary Ellen were the most AMAZING teachers EVER! I met two people that I feel I've known forever and have so much in common with! They're my heroes.

All of the other people here that helped us get all of these things done are amazing as well. They tolerated us just as much as we tolerated each other.

But most importantly my fellow Media Magic-ers. I've worked with them during this session and even though I already know some of them, I feel like they're all family now.

Media Magic helped me electronically grow.

And I hope to be a part of it in the future <3

Love, Martha <3 ;3

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