Monday, March 12, 2012

D.I.V.A.S visit to CMP!

On Saturday, March 10th, the D.I.V.A.S of Sister2Sister held their monthly meeting at CMP.

After getting to know one another, Domonique of DIVAS and Mary Ellen of CMP led a discussion about the tired old definition of democracy, and a new, living definition of democracy, one where making sure our voices are heard is more important than celebrities and politicians.

Then, we did a writing roundtable on the question:
"What's one thing you wish more people knew about Poughkeepsie?"

Some of our responses were:

"One thing I wish people knew about Poughkeepsie is that it's not that much of a violent place, although it may be boring to live in at times."

"One thing I wish people would know about beautiful most parts of it really are and how it's not always bad. The kids just need motivation and a good role model. Kids feel like that 'what's the point of doing good if no one notices it.' They need recognition."

"One thing I wish people knew about Poughkeepsie:
-Poughkeepsie is falling apart and it needs to get back on track.
-Karinas' live in Poughkeepsie and they are awesome.
-Poughkeepsie is a great place. The people on the other hand...ehh..."

"One thing I wish people knew is that viole
nce isn't approved."

"One thing I wish people knew about Poughkeepsie is that not all of its citizens are ghetto and rowdy. Some are quite well behaved, in the general sense of the word."

"One thing I wish people knew about Poughkeepsie is not everybody is rude and mean. And not everybody is bad."

"1. The amazing outcomes that the kids do.
2. The organizations that people put out and they are shut down because no one wants to pay to keep them open.
3. Karina and Kareena is in PK & we're amazing
4. It's a great place but people like to pick out only the bad outcomes of PK."

"One thing I wish people knew about Poughkeepsie is that it exists."

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