Thursday, March 1, 2012

Experiment in Free-Associating Writing by Billique

Well, "scandal" is a very interesting word when you think about it, huh? I mean, it's a fancy way of saying you planned a scam or that it's a get rich quick scheme or something. Well, a scandal is a pretty flexible word when you think of how to use it. It can refer to many things such as a person, a plan, a place. Another word also comes to mind: "flop," do you know what flop even means? It means to mess up or it can be combined with other words to make this positive. It can be used to describe a mistake, a person or a broken object. Oh, and I've got another word for you all: "shot." It can be very usable, like I could say I shot you, but another guy could say his t.v. is shot - see what I mean?  I could mean this as in me having a water gun or saying my t.v is broken. Oh yeah, and why is the spanish word "yo" so taken out of context in today's modern society? It is a form of greeting, and a linking word. It's used almost as much as "like." Me, personally, I think it should be used for conjugations anyway. Well, it's been real swell, people, hope I can talk to you all soon on the blog - so till next time, I'm
                                                                              Billique with CMP.

P.S What does the word "speckledorf" mean to you? Next time I blog, I will tell you.

P. P. S. I was told to mention "horseradish" ... (grimaces with disgust.)  Is it a horse, is it a radish? Is it from a horse? So many questions arise when you think of this.... whatever it is. Another word that sounds wrong is "kerfuffle," which is British for a fuss or disturbance. You want some more? You got it friend...
and here's your final word of the day (drum roll) : FLIBBERTIGIBBIT, meaning a whimsical woman.

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