Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Last Hootenanny

Well, people, here we are: the final trial, the last of the gauntlets, and the final boss. I'd say that my favorite memory was when we created the silent film for our show. It was really awesome because I helped write the storyline, but I was sick one day so I couldn't act in it. One thing I liked about the program was the way the teachers taught us and understood what we were doing: they did it well. Another thing is we have so much work experience from this, and this can help us get a job in the future in film making if we are serious enough. And finally, the friends I made while I was here which includes everyone, including the teachers and the volunteers, won't say names but thanks for this great opportunity and I hope I'm here next time for...

                                     -Sincerely, Billique Smith from Media Magic

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