Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My first blog post

Hey. For my first post I'll be answering some questions about myself. 

Q1: How much TV do you watch? What are your favorite shows and movies?
A: I don't really watch that much TV, but when i do i like to watch Everybody Hates Chris. And for movies i like too many too list here.

Q2: How often do you go on the internet, and what do you use it for? 
A2:  I use the internet pretty often and i use it to go on Facebook and occasionally to go on Youtube. 

Q3: When doing group work, which of these roles do you gravitate towards and why? 
A3:  . Hangs back and let others do the work ( If it's something i'm not that good at)
       .  Team Leader (  If it's something i know a lot about. )   

Q4: Say you and a close friend had a disagreement. How do you respond?
A4: I would be distant at first but then I'd go to the friend and talk to them about the situation and then make up from the argument.

Q5:  Say you're asked go do something yo don't know how to do. How do you respond?
A5:  I'd tell the person i don't know how to do whatever they asked me. And then I would learn how to do that thing.

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