Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Words From Wisdom

How much TV do you watch?
What's your favorite shows or movies?
How often do you go on the internet, and what do you use it for?

Question 1.) I watch Tv when ever i get the chance to i guess, 3 hours a day.
Question 2.) House, Naruto,Cops, Attack of the show
Question 3.) Well i go on the internet about 5 times a day, From class one to 5:30.  School work sometimes, most of the time youtube. I use youtube for education to know how to cut and edit things. But I'm not going to like, I youtube surf like the rest of the world.

When doing group work i like to not be a team leader but put in my ideas. Most of my ideas are what i want to see happen, that i thought of when i was home. I do all the work thats given too me, so making me a fall back is a smart idea. I'm not going to lie, I make jokes all the time but that only rules out the negative cloud.

If a friend and I got in to a fight, like "Nate" one of my many best friends who make me who i am.
I think I'd yell for how long the fight is and then it becomes quiet, then we just blow off the steam and drop it. If one thing i learned with friends is, if you can be mad around them and get into fights and meet up tomorrow like nothing happened then. That we understand each other more than words to a human.

If i don't know anything about something, Ill call on Jevon. The master mind of them all, The king of logic. Or just a Teacher. laugh out loud.

Scott Was here 4/25/12 Signing out...

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