Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Question 1: I watch few hours of TV a day. Some of my favorite TV shoes are Community, the office, Seinfeld, Some of my favorite movies are Life Aqutic, Man in Black, the Indian Jones movies , Lords of dog town, and the batman movies.                                                               Question 2: When doing groups some roles i gravitate towards is having good ideas and sharing them, because i thing if everybody is thinking about the same project were all on the same page. Another role would be team leader because i think ever one should have chance to lead there own project.                                                                                                       Question 3: If a close friend and i had a disagreement, i would try to resolve the issue to were we both come to an agreement, but if this cant happen i would try to let go of the the issue between us.                                                                                                                                Question 4: If i were asked to do something i did not know how to do. My first thing i would do is try my best shot at this thing. If I' m continuing to have trouble with this i would ask for help on the subject. As a last tool if possible i would try to find the information through google.

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