Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Felipe's World

I watch many hours of TV a day. My favorite TV shows are Pokemon (GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL), The Big Bang Theory (Bazinga), and Dragon Ball Z (Kame-hame-HAA).But not Dragon Ball Z Kai because they just messed it all up with that. Not to mention Regular Show, Aventure Time, and XPlay, I love thoughs shows. My favorite movies are the Spider-Man trilogy, the Harry Potter series, and the Transformers series. I go onto the internet for about a few hours a day, I mainly go on Youtube, Facebook, Newgrounds, Addictinggames, and Rplay.

When doing group work, I not only share good ideas, I have fun doing it. I also make people laugh with my shenanigans.

If a close fried and I got into an argument, I would have the both of us show some proof to each other and see who is correct. If I were to be asked to do something I have no idea to, I would simply ask someone who knows what to do for help.

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