Monday, February 25, 2013

Being A Yoda!

Charles here! I'm back for another year at CMP. For this year, I'll have my own mentee to teach them about the world of creating films and media. My goal as a Yoda is to teach my young one the ways of CMP's filming techniques and styles. Also, I wish to gain more leadership skills because I want to own my own graphic design business. I also want my Jedi (the children we're taking under our wing) to stay on the right track for learning. I'll know I'm doing my job right when he or she will begin reminding me  on the steps of brainstorming and flimmaking! Come to think of it, I'm been here for a couple years now! When I was first here, all I did was sketch on Ryan's tablet and stay to myself. Now, I running up and down these halls like the wind when I'm at work. If I use what I learned here correctly, I can end up being the next Walt Disney! 

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