Monday, February 25, 2013

Being a Yoda

So i upgraded into a Yoda after some time as a regular Jedi (average joe) and I think my personal goals as a Yoda is to be a great teacher. Notice i said great, not good, I wanna become a better film maker while learning how to teach more efficiently. I believe one the best ways to ensure and know if my Jedi is on track is to ask if they need a quick recap on anything they may have missed or never really grasped while I was explaining the techniques and tricks of the trade. Man I think I got really lucky to get a Yoda role because my co-Yodas have few years more of experience than me . I started a year and a half ago when my cousin charles told me about CMP and I thought "wow, a place where i can hang out with friends regardless of how we look or talk". A place where I can actually be myself and not have to go through the usual facade of my day. I think I have come a very long way and ill be somewhere hopefully in the near future here as a intern.

                                           -Billique Smith

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