Wednesday, February 27, 2013

 Hey! It's Jake and Martha! Today was our second day at Media Magic. We learned about the movie-making process; from the brainstorming portion, to the script, and all the way to editing. The entire Media Magic team split into two groups and went through this process with their respective groups. Our group decided to go for creating a comedic type video. The first portion of creating the script was rough to get through. The video entailed an aspiring artist and a critiquing of one of his works by a CMP enthusiast and one of his friends, whom he was explaining CMP to.
We learned all of the minute processes in the camera handling field. I (Jake) wholeheartedly enjoyed learning how to use all of the functions of the camera. We were shown how to zoom in, change the white scale, use the shutter function to change the brightness. In the end we were shown how to move the video from the camera to iMovie, and why not to use 1080p for filming.
So, to conlude; we learned how to use the camera and the movie building process. Anyways, until tomorrow, bye!

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