Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eamon's and Jack's first day of Media Magic

First day of media magic, we introduced ourselves, and began the lessons of basic filmmaking. Our first task was to make shots using perspective. We used a perspective of somebody looking at a computer over Jack's shoulder, and a captured chess piece behind a king. Here's the results.
Video #1, looking over Jack's shoulder.

Jack eating popcorn, from the perspective of a plate.

From the perspective of a captured chess piece
Eamon's views, how it felt to be new.
"I thought it was a good day, I'm looking forward to learning more/making myself more useful. I'm definitely excited for the weeks to come."                                               

Jacks views of today
I feel todays first day of Media Magic when very well, we all met are (jedi) new students and worked on are first project on learning perspective shots and their view point. Today went very well and im excited to see what we will do next.

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