Monday, February 25, 2013

Tyler's super cool totally awesome first blog post. Woot!!!

This is me, posting on the internet. This is the first day of Media Magic, and I am so excited to be back here. I missed out on the fall session, but now i'm back, excited and ready to go. My goals for this spring are to further expand my expertise in video production, as well as help younger people learn the process. I also want to learn how to blog... this is probably going to stink, considering it's my first post, but hey... It's okay to make mistakes!!!
You can thank Mary-Ellen for that one. 

My history at CMP. Hmmm... well, I started out with the DROP-TV program in the summer of 2011. I wanted to do media magic that fall, but some issues prevented me from doing so. I did DROP-TV again in the summer of 2012, and i'm here now, doing Media Magic in the spring of 2013. I hope to be back in DROP-TV for this summer, it would be awesome!

How will I know if my young Jedi is on track? Hmmm... well. I assume they're going to be like me when I first started... very curious to know how everything works and the process of film making. I hope to walk my Jedi through this process and teach them the steps involved in making a totally awesome movie!

My goal for being a Yoda is what I said above, just to teach a new generation of young filmmakers the process and how to do it all. I remember being new to all of it, and the knowledge I have gained here at CMP have helped me grow and change. 

I would like to learn more how to use Adobe After Effects. Thank Mike for that one. 

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