Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Second day - Filming and camera issues!

Hey there! Tyler and Taylor here. Today, we spent our day scripting, story boarding, and filming a video about a art project gone wrong.

We were supposed to begin editing today, but due to a technical difficulty (The computers don't like 1080p video) we couldn't edit today.

Taylor says: I had so much fun today. It was different being an actor for once, I'm usually the one behind the camera. But, overall it was great. I can't wait to edit! I prefer to act, it makes you feel so involved!

Tyler says: It was awesome teaching people how to use the camera and all the principles of cinematography. Jake was really interested in how it all worked. I was going to go through how to edit, but iMovie didn't like the footage. Don't worry though! Mike is going to fix it! :) I prefer the editing aspect of film making, it's so much fun!

Overall today was a good day! Tomorrow looks like a day of filming commercials! Expect another post tomorrow!

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