Monday, February 25, 2013

Maru is BACK!

Hay-o! Martha here for all of you that do not know! I am officially a Yoda at Media Magic! Let me explain. Well, I will be mentoring younger youth in  media and film making. I have a few personal goals.

I want to be able to not only learn to help my apprentice but I want to be able to learn for my own video making as well. I make my own videos for Youtube and it'd be nice to learn more ways to make them look more and more professional. 

As for my Jedi (apprentice) there are a few ways to be able to tell if they are on track and learning or not. Even if I ask if they are learning and doing everything okay, they may tell me they are, but really are to afraid to ask for help. So one way to fix that and actually know how they are doing is to give them a time frame. Get whatever they are doing one third of the way done in fifteen minutes, then when the times up, go check on them and see if they've done a lot or a little depending on the skill level the project requires. 

A little more about me. Well, I started at CMP actually I started on February 28th so this Thursday I make one year officially at Children's Media Project! 
Well aside from knowing ALOT more about filming and working with Mac computers and such, I've learned to let go. I've learned to be a lot more confident in myself and in what I do. 
Currently I'm studying at Dutchess Community college, taking Visual and Commercial Art but hoping to go to the Culinary Institute but so far, I just want to continue expressing myself like I do. Because art is my life and, I love it.

Until next time, TOODLES! <3

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