Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Day of Media Magic

Hey! This is Jake and Martha. Today we had our first day at Media Magic. We were all introduced to each other, and then paired into groups based on our experience with video creating. Following this, we viewed videos regarding perspective, to prepare ourselves for the creation of a video of our own. For this video; we decided to do something a tad outside of the box, which we decided would be the life of a plant (from the seed to the adult height of the plant in a matter of seconds).
After the production of our raw videos, we went back together and viewed each other's videos and tried to decide what it was that the other's videos were the perspective of (per se, the camera crawling over the floor and then eyeing cheese would be a mouse). Once we figured it out, we told each other what we thought that could have been added on to make it more clear what the perspective was of, or what could be done to enhance it.
Today was a good day for learning, we learnt what could be done to increase the brilliance of what could already be an excellent perspective. What could be a goal to achieve before the end of the time at Media Magic is how to properly retrieve a video from a Flip camera.

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